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About Us will open for you a broader expanse of the sky, and you will be able to enjoy the sky views from the pilot’s seat.

The main purpose of our website is to show you the views of the sky, the ground from above, the airplanes and series of sketches about the flight. All these options are located on separate icons on each page, and you can easily look through the variety of themes you are interested in. Our collection of real high-quality photos of the sky and ground is made during regular flights across the Europe.

We consider our pictures to be unique because:

  • Our pictures are made right from the pilot’s seat in the airplane during take-off and landing, real cruise flights at altitude of about 20-35 thousand feet above the sea level, and a speed of 250-450 status miles/hr;
  • Our pictures provide some unique views of the sky that never existed before, nor will they again;
  • Only from the cockpit of an airplane you really can enjoy the wonderful beauty of the sky, clouds and the ground (as a passenger you can hardly see the smallest part of that view);
  • There are also some photos that were taken on the ground, in such places of airports which are inaccessible to unauthorized people.

Pictures are made during flight on board the following airplanes: BOEING 737, FOKKER 50, JAK 18T, CESSNA 172.