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Need to know

The information provided in this section applies to all products offered on this site

1. Features colour.

There may be occasions when the colours on the printed photographs and articles vary from the colours that are visible in your monitor. To get pictures of excellent quality, you need to know some details regarding printing photos on photo paper.
Your monitor - it's digital equipment, and any colour is created it by mixing in different proportions of red, green and blue (RGB). The thus obtained colour, and you can see in the monitor.
Printing out pictures, colours, formed an entirely different way. On the white photographic paper, by mixing different proportions of cyan, yellow, purple and black, it turns a certain colour.

For perfect match colours on your monitor and photo paper, it requires a special and very accurate monitor calibration, so the colours you see on your monitor may (but need not) differ from the colours seen on the printed photos.

2. Print on paper sizes.

Normally our prints will be borderless, however, images with a non-standard aspect ratio may be cropped to fit or printed with top or side borders as required.

Why may non-standard aspect ratio pictures be cropped to fit or printed with top or side borders as required ?

In these cases, it is necessary to understand this definition; the differences between the proportions of digital photography and classic photos printed on photographic paper. The proportion of pictures taken with a digital camera is 4:3, and the proportion of classical photo printing corresponds to 3:2. Of course it creates some inconvenience, but unfortunately there is still no single standard. In this regard, as for frames, captured with a digital camera, it is necessary either to reduce (the entire frame to fit in the picture - in this case there are blank fields on the left and right), or cut the top and (or) below (in this case lost the top / bottom of the frame).

3. Kanva

When wrapping a wooden frame, the original frame is cropped a bit (about 3-4cm) on each side. 

4. Mousemat

The photo is printed on a rubber fabric-black, so there may be some "blackout" photos.